Easy Ways to Burn Calorie at the Gym

During a busy day, carving out an hour to head to the gym can be tough, so the question is this: are you making the most of those 60 minutes? With a few simple tweaks, you can increase your calorie burn instantly. Try these tips the next time you’re at the gym to maximize your sweat session.

1. On the Treadmill


– Incorporate speed intervals.

– Raise the incline.

– Go a little longer.

– Pump those arms!

2. When Strength Training


– Exercises that utilize your own body weight have been shown to burn more calories.

– Force your body to work harder by creating instability.

– Do supersets, moving quickly from one exercise to the next without resting.

– Do multitasking moves that work more than one part of the body at once.

3. On the Elliptical


– Use the handles to go for a total-body workout.

– Utilize the resistance.

– Watch your pace.

– Include intervals, alternating between short periods of pushing your body to the max with recovery periods.

Source – popsugar