How to Burn Over 600 Calories on the Treadmill

Looking to blast a ton of calories in just one hour? This challenging treadmill interval workout has your name all over it. Mixing up your pace every few minutes is a technique that helps blast belly fat and keeps things feeling fresh, so you don’t deal with the boredom that can come from a long treadmill workout.


Before starting the workout, be sure to warm up with some dynamic stretches and a three-to-five-minute jog.

0:00-5:00 6.0 45
5:00-9:00 6.6 40
9:00-11:00 7.5 22
11:00-15:00 6.0 36
15:00-17:00 8.5 26
17:00-22:00 6.0 45
22:00-24:00 7.5 22
24:00-28:00 6.0 18
28:00-30:00 7.5 22
30:00-33:00 6.0 27
33:00-35:00 8.5 26
35:00-37:00 6.0 36
37:00-39:00 7.0 20
39:00-43:00 6.0 36
43:00-45:00 6.6 20
45:00-47:00 8.5 26
47:00-50:00 6.0 27
50:00-52:00 7.5 22
52:00-55:00 6.6 30
55:00-60:00 6.0 45

Keep this workout handy with you at the gym

Source – popsugar


Top 10 Healthy Food Recipes

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Kickboxing Classes in Saint Petersburg – Krazy Kardio

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