What Will be With Your Body When You Stop Workouts?

Here’s how an exercise hiatus impacts your body—and what to do to get back on the plus side—for five common scenarios.

working out


1. THE SITUATION: You had a crazy month at work and stopped your usual four-day-a-week gym habit cold turkey.

2. THE SITUATION: You used to weight train like crazy, but for the past several months, all you’ve fit in is a few sessions a week on the treadmill.

3.THE SITUATION: You ran a half-marathon, which you trained for like a fiend, then gave yourself a few weeks to recover.

4. THE SITUATION: You’ve been really into yoga but now miss the CrossFit you stopped a few months ago.

5. THE SITUATION: You got injured and haven’t been able (or wanted) to work out at all for six months.

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