Strong, Toned Arms With These 10 Awesome Workouts

Get ready to look amazing in dresses, tank tops, and swimsuits. These 11 awesome arm toning workouts will leave your arms stronger and more defined. You’ll definitely feel the burn once you’re done.

 1. Workday Arms Challenge
Define and strengthen your arms in just a few minutes each day.
2. Summer Arms Challenge
Summer Arms Challenge
This week-long arm workout challenge will define and strengthen your arm muscles.
3. Transform Your Body With Resistance Bands
Transform Your Body With Resistance BandsGet the arms you’ve always wanted with this fat burning resistance band workout.
4. Shape Up Size Down Arm Workout
Shape Up Size Down Arm WorkoutAll you need is a pair of dumbbells for this awesome arm workout.
5. Sexy Summer Shoulders Workout
Sexy Summer Shoulders WorkoutLooking to tone your shoulders? This is one workout that will make it happen.
6. HIIT Your Arms Workout
HIIT Your Arms WorkoutThis intense interval workout will leave your arms burning.
7. 10 Moves to Master for a Beach Body
10 Moves to Master for a Beach BodyGer ready for the beach with this fat burning beach body workout.
8. Summer Swim Challenge
Summer Swim Challenge
Swimming is a great way to tone and define your arms and shoulders.
9. One Circuit For A Total Body Workout
One Circuit For A Total Body WorkoutThe circuit in this workout combines heart pumping cardio with strength training, to create a fast-flowing, fat-burning workout.
10. Summer Tricep Toning Workout
Summer Tricep Toning WorkoutTone your triceps and lose that extra arm jiggle with this workout.
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Eight Fitness Routine And Exercise For Legs And Thighs

The thigh area in humans is between the pelvis and the knee. Anatomically it is a part of what we call the lower limb, the upper limb being our hands. The thigh is comprised of one single bone called the femur. The femur is very dense and strong and forms a ball and socket joint at the hips and a condylar joint at the knee. We live in an age where less is more and the thigh plays an important part in the way we dress, by which I mean if we have toned and lean thighs, we would dress accordingly to flaunt them and if not we would do our best to cover them up.

Here are a few tips on how to plan your workouts around eight specific fitness routines that would help you achieve toned or muscular thighs, perfect for showing off.

1. Skipping Rope for Toned Muscular Thighs

Skipping Rope for Toned Muscular Thighs

Skipping rope is perfect for toning the lower body as it involves short repetitive movements that quickly activate the thigh muscles.

2. Cycling for Toned Muscular Thighs

Cycling for Toned Muscular ThighsVigorous, long distance cycling or mountain biking helps melt cellulite and compress love handles to give way to toned muscular thighs.

3. Aerobics for Toned Thighs

Aerobics for Toned Thighs

Aerobics involves a lot of leg movement and squats that automatically work well to build stronger more attractive thighs.

4. Pilates for Toned Thighs

Pilates for Toned ThighsPilates is effective in building muscle and toning the inner body and is equally effective for the inner and outer thighs.

5. Swimming for Toned Muscular Thighs

Swimming for Toned Muscular Thighs

This is the best exercise for legs and thighs especially if you have an injury as it puts less strain on the knees!

6. Kickboxing for Toned Muscular Thighs

Kickboxing for Toned Muscular ThighsKickboxing or Muai Thai is a Thai form of martial arts and is perfect for strengthening and toning the whole of the lower limbs including your thighs.

7. Yoga for Toned Thighs

Yoga for Toned ThighsYoga is an ancient practice originated in India that transcends the three realms of the physical, mental and spiritual growth and prosperity.

8. Running and Brisk Walking For Toned Muscular Thighs

Running and Brisk Walking For Toned Muscular ThighsRunning provides muscle and tone to the whole of the lower limbs, your thighs included. Brisk walking is also effective for achieving well toned thigh muscles and getting rid of cellulite.

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10 Best Inspiring Quotes to Motivate Every Aspect of Your Workout

Go harder, longer, and stronger with these intense-yet-inspiring words that can take your fitness to the next level
Whatever your excuse, these motivational quotes are the antidote to skipping your workout

1. Sore is Satisfying

Sore is Satisfying

10. I Was Born To Lift
I Was Born To LiftIf you believe it, so it will be. (And if a baby can do a plank that well, so can you!)
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Burn 300+ Calories in 30 Minutes With Cardio Workouts

Running outside this time of year can be rough, but the “dreadmill” isn’t your only option for Cardio exercise when the weather turns frightful. Today, we present workouts that help you to burn more than 300 calories in just 30 minutes –

1. Spinning

A vigorous workout on an indoor stationery bike blasts an average of 391 calories in 30 minutes.


2. Snowshoeing

One study found that women burn approximately 375 calories in 30 minutes while snowshoeing at a 20-minute per mile pace, the equivalent of running 10-minute miles.


3. Indoor Rowing

With a stroke that engages your legs, back, and arms, rowing uses 84 percent of your muscles for a full body workout that zaps an average of 316 calories in a half hour, according to researchers at Harvard Medical School.


4. ElliptiGO

You can torch more than 300-600 calories in just a half hour.


5. Cross Country Skiing

A true full-body workout, cross-country skiing challenges you to push and pull your body across the snow in one of two styles: classical or skate skiing. You’ll burn 300 calories in 30 minutes during a hearty workout of the classical Nordic style and more than 500 calories if you’re going all-out.

cross country skiing

6. Deep Water Running

Though it won’t feel as difficult as running on land, you’ll burn just as much fuel thanks to the natural resistance of the water, averaging 345 calories in a 30-minute workout.

deep water running

7. Zero Runner

You’ll burn approximately 100 calories per mile depending on your weight and activity level, which is similar to running,

Zero Runner

8. Cycling

You can toast 409-539 calories running between 7-9-minute miles or cycling between 16-20 mph.


Source – Shape

9 Best Workouts Tips to Lose Weight

Are you maximizing your calorie-burning time when you work out? Make those minutes count with these workouts for weight loss. Read on to learn just why these workouts are great for losing those pounds, as well as routines for each type of workout.

1. Find a Workout You Love

Find a workout that doesn’t feel like one, like a dance class, a weekly hiking date with your best friend, or a brisk walk after dinner, so that you can — and want — to continue to do it.

Find a Workout You Love

2. Add Cardio Intervals

Cardio intervals, or short sprints in between slower recovery periods, are better at helping you lose weight than steady-state cardio because they force your muscles to work harder without adequate oxygen, a process called anaerobic conditioning.

Add Cardio Intervals

3. Weight-Training Workouts

Go for Weight-Training Workouts like basic kettlebell workout, total-body workout with dumbbells, full-body circuit workout with weights, power workout for your next gym trip, CrossFit workout with weights etc.

Weight-Training Workouts

4. Exercise in the Morning

Studies have shown that those who get their workout over and done with in the morning tend to burn more calories during their workouts. Waking up earlier in the morning to fit in exercise may be just what you need to see weight-loss results.

Exercise in the Morning

5. Go High Intensity

Intervals aren’t just for cardio workouts. Try varying your intensity during your next circuit workout; you’ll get the same afterburning and belly-blasting benefits while burning many more calories in a shorter amount of time.

Go High Intensity

6. Interval Workouts

Try interval workout ideas the next time it’s time for a Cardio workout.

Interval Workouts

7. HIIT Workouts

HIIT workouts will work your muscles while blasting fat.

HIIT Workouts

8. Work Out With Weights

Picking up a pair of hefty weights will actually slim you down faster than forgoing the weight room altogether.

Work Out With Weights

9. Morning Workouts

Choose something you can do easily and without a lot of planning; these at-home workout ideas are easy to incorporate into your morning routine.

Morning Workouts

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What Will be With Your Body When You Stop Workouts?

Here’s how an exercise hiatus impacts your body—and what to do to get back on the plus side—for five common scenarios.

working out


1. THE SITUATION: You had a crazy month at work and stopped your usual four-day-a-week gym habit cold turkey.

2. THE SITUATION: You used to weight train like crazy, but for the past several months, all you’ve fit in is a few sessions a week on the treadmill.

3.THE SITUATION: You ran a half-marathon, which you trained for like a fiend, then gave yourself a few weeks to recover.

4. THE SITUATION: You’ve been really into yoga but now miss the CrossFit you stopped a few months ago.

5. THE SITUATION: You got injured and haven’t been able (or wanted) to work out at all for six months.

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